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      1. 欢迎访问北京维珍创意科技股份有限公司

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        Company Introduction


        Company Introduction

        Company Introduction

        Company Introduction
        Beijing ATMVI Technology Co., Ld. is the leading designer and manufacturer of kiosks, surrounds, enclosures, protection  cabins and houses for ATMs.
        We are a full turnkey provider from design services to manufacturing and installation. 
        The company has delivered more than 57000 units of products for bank clients since 2006.
        We are market leader in China. Over 600 domestic banks and credit unions, including all of 15 national commercial banks are our clients.
        The company has established a national wide service network, covering all of 31 provinces and more than 300 cities in China.
        We have become an important partner of foreign-funded banks in China ,including Standard Chartered Bank, Bank of East Asia, etc.. More than 300 units of products have been installed for them.
        The company has the largest and most professional comprehensive manufacturing center in China. With the most advanced CNC  machine we can make over 10,000 units yearly. We also provides OEM service for oversea clients.
        By The Way 
        ATMVI is listed in the New Over the Counter Market(Stock Code 430305)(The market value ¥1 billion, January 2017)
        We are the only ATM Kiosk supplier of the Beijing Olympic Games.
        Former Lenovo Group President Liu Chuanzhi is the company's stock holder.
        We are seeking international partners to cooperate in the fields of Banking Equipments & Services.